Cheq’s Order & Pay App is Best Holiday Present for Restaurant Industry Reeling from Labor Shortage

Grinch Make Way: CHEQ’s Mobile Order & Pay Tech Enhances the Dining Experience and Just May Put Restaurants Back in the Black this Holiday Season  

SEATTLE, WA – November 3rd, 2021 — As restaurant staffing woes continue, more restaurants are searching for technology solutions. This year, a record number have invested in tech to enhance on-premise dining and facilitate online ordering and delivery. Technology has moved from an afterthought to a must-have for restaurants to maintain profitability. CHEQ leads the way in this trend, helping restaurant operators save costs, speed table-turns, and increase average check size.  

As restaurants gear up for the busy holiday season, staffing shortages impede reopening. Some are simplifying menus, reducing hours, and even closing during certain days of the week. CHEQ provides the solution. Functionally, CHEQ allows consumers to order ahead via the app, pay at the table using the app (including opening a tab), order gifts and food for friends dining at another location, and provides contactless takeout. A key benefit of CHEQ lies in its ability to empower consumers to safely and efficiently order and pay for their meals from the app while helping restaurants mitigate labor shortages. Uniquely, CHEQ allows diners to “pay it forward,” offering an option to choose to accept gifts from other users, send them to a charity of their choice, or even buy a coffee or meal for someone in need.   

CHEQ brings the next level of efficiency to the restaurant operations to improve the dining experience and provide a better work experience for waitstaff. In existing markets, restaurants have seen a 29% increase in ticket orders, a reduction in incorrect orders, and less waste as they train new staff members. Waitstaff have received increased tips as a result of being able to spend more time with customers rather than taking orders, and to cover more tables per shift. While the labor shortage may be temporary, CHEQ offers long-term gains. This is why more restaurants are turning to CHEQ’s technology to secure an immediate revenue boost and to set the foundation to run successfully for years to come. 

Bucking the trend of existing predatory apps in the dining industry, CHEQ took the bold step of making the service platform free to users and incrementally free to the already suffering restaurant industry that runs on thin margins. CHEQ is the future way forward to operate for industry professionals with no hidden fees, no commissions, no equipment rental, no monthly service fees, or other fees. CHEQ is also free to use for consumers and, even better, adopts to digital native behaviors and expectations for progress in a traditional industry seeking change.   

CHEQ is already established in certain key markets and has been adopted by more than 1,000 restaurants, bars, food trucks, and stadiums across the country in regions such as Florida, Hawaii, and Washington, with plans for rapid expansion in 2022.  

“Technology has the potential to give us better dining experiences while also supporting our local restaurant communities,” stated veteran founder and CEO Thomas Lapham. “We all have personal POS’ in our pockets in the form of our mobile phones. CHEQ helps guests take more control of how they spend their time dining out. It helps operators drive efficiency and better margins—resulting in better experiences for everyone in the ecosystem.” 

“We’re excited to offer our guests a platform that will allow them to have an elevated experience through speed, accuracy and strong service touch points,” shared Jeff Martin, COO of Maui Brewing Company Restaurants. “The CHEQ platform is enabling us to adjust our operating model coming out of the pandemic in a way that expedites service, speeds up table turns, creates a safer environment through less direct interaction and enhances our guest check average through automated upselling. The ability to deliver all of these results, while only needing minimum staffing levels is a game changer for us. Our team is now freed up to ensure that they are more available to attend to guest needs and build lasting relationships. This technology is truly the wave of the future.” 

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