Honest Pricing

Say “No” to clunky and expensive POS Systems.

Ditch expensive POS systems that come with rental fees, equipment surcharges, and other hidden costs by switching to CHEQ-Register™. Unlike other predatory POS platforms, CHEQ-Register™ is free and easy to install and use. We make our money by taking the standard payment processing fee with no reduction to your bottom line. 

Mobile First

World’s 1st Mobile POS

Built from the ground up with mobile at its heart, CHEQ-REGISTER™ accepts mobile orders from web apps, iOS, Android, NFC, or QR codes perfectly, every time. No configuration, no integration, no extra charges. Simply a seamlessly integrated mobile order experience.

Easy to Learn

No Time for Training? No Problem.

CHEQ-REGISTER™ was created for high-volume, high-pressure environments where long staff training sessions are not practical or possible. The intuitive interface ensures that staff can learn to use the equipment within minutes to keep the line moving.

Instant Menu Updates

Last Minute Changes? We’ve Got You Covered

With CHEQ-REGISTER™, designated staff can 86 items with a few easy clicks. You can update your ordering system in seconds. The customer-facing screens and mobile app will all update in real time.

Sell More, Faster

Upselling Wins the Game

Guests in high-volume environments don’t have time to think about their orders, and staff don’t have time to upsell. CHEQ-REGISTER™ builds in upselling and menu optimization with smart analytics, turning tech into your best profitability tool.

Reward your staff

A Happy Staff is a Loyal Staff.

High volume establishments don’t always allow tips as speed is a priority, but CHEQ-REGISTER™ can help you fix that. Our POS provides quick tip options to speed the purchase flow. Tip out staff instantly upon shift completion to alleviate the need to carry cash or make them wait for their paychecks to receive their tips; improving retention and morale.

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